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Construction & Off-Highway Vehicles

Construction & Off-Highway Vehicles

The team at Elite KL Ltd has been involved in the design and supply of heating and cooling systems in construction & off-highway vehicles for over twenty-five years. During this time we have proven how to design and manufacture systems that meet the heavy duty requirements of high dust loads, high shock and vibration loads. On-time delivery performance and product quality are paramount and we measure both continuously in order to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

We can offer expertise in :

– Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
– Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
– Full CAD packaging
– Performance analysis of the system
– Assessment of customer requirements
– In-Vehicle HVAC Testing to individual customer climatic specifications (Onsite hot chamber)
– Third party testing and certification for EMC, shock vibration, etc.
– Material Resource Planning for excellent on-time delivery performance
– Continuous monitoring and improvement of quality

The products we offer to the Construction & Off-Highway vehicle industry include :

– Heaters – Air conditioning
– Ancillary components such as :

• Condensers
• Refrigerant Compressors
• Heat Exchangers o Receiver Driers
• Pressure Safety Switches
• Blowers and Fans (Brushed or Brushless)
• Controls
• Manual (Bowden cable)
• Electric (Actuator)
• Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
• Illuminated if required
• Air distribution (vents / ducts / filters)
• Hoses / pipes

Key attributes of Elite KL Products include :

– Packaged to suit customer’s requirements
– Cost effective design
– Various manufacturing technologies to achieve best cost / volume such as :

• Steel case
• Vacuum Formed case
• Rotational mould case
• Injection moulded case and components

– High Quality