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Customer support

Customer support

Elite KL Ltd pride itself in providing a high level of technical support during the program of product development with our customers. This continues after delivery and includes the following benefits :

– More than 20% of the team are engineering staff assisting our customers in the development of new systems for their vehicles.
– Our Field Service Representatives (FSR) are qualified in refrigerant handling and assist with :

• Initial investigation of the requirement on vehicle
• Prototype Installation at the customer’s premises
• Testing of the prototype and initial production validation
• Support of the product, post delivery
• Through-life maintenance and overhaul

– On the rare occasions when issues occur, we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by quickly identifying the root cause, generating 8D report and implementing a corrective and preventative action plan

– We can provide training to the customer’s representatives in all aspects of the product and its use, including :

• F Gas refrigerant handling
• System operation
• Fault finding / Diagnostics
• Maintenance and Overhaul