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Service Vehicles

Service Vehicles

The team at Elite KL Ltd has been involved in the design and supply of heating and cooling systems in dustcarts, road sweepers, fire engines, electric vehicles (EV’s) / Hybrid vehicles and other specialist vehicles for over twenty-five years. Elite KL’s approach is to select proven components that meet the performance requirements and package these into a bespoke package envelope to meet the vehicle’s requirements. On-time delivery performance and product quality are paramount and we measure both continuously in order to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

We can offer expertise in :

– Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
– Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
– Full CAD packaging
– Performance analysis of the system
– Assessment of customer requirements
– In-Vehicle HVAC Testing to individual customer climatic specifications (Onsite hot chamber)
– Third party testing and certification for EMC, shock vibration, etc.
– Material Resource Planning for excellent on-time delivery performance
– Continuous monitoring and improvement of quality

The products we offer to the Service Vehicle industry include :

– Heaters
– Air conditioning
– Ancillary components such as :

• Condensers
• Refrigerant Compressors
• Heat Exchangers
• Receiver Driers
• Pressure Safety Switches
• Blowers and Fans (Brushed or Brushless)
• Controls
• Manual (Bowden cable)
• Electric (Actuator)
• Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
• Illuminated if required
• Air distribution (vents / ducts / filters)
• Hoses / pipes

Key attributes of Elite KL Products include :

– Packaged to suit customer’s requirements
– Cost effective design
– Various manufacturing technologies to achieve best cost / volume such as :

• Steel case
• Vacuum Formed case
• Rotational mould case
• Injection moulded case and components

– High Quality